Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tire Flat Spots?

When a car with high performance, low profile tire sits too long on a hard surface, the tire loses its shape and develops a flat area where the tire contacts the floor. Parking a hot tire on a cool garage floor greatly exacerbates the problem as the soft warm tire gives to conform to the hard-cool floor. There are two types of flat spots: temporary and permanent. Temporary flat spots will round out as the car is driven over a period of time. Permanent flat spots do not round out and the only solution is to replace the tires.  Many temporary flat spots can become permanent over a short period of time. There is no exact determination as to when a temporary tire flat spot will become a permanent flat spot.


How do TireCradles prevent flat spots?

TireCradles are made of a patented polymer and are insulated with memory air cells. The engineering of blown polymer and air cells perfectly conforms to the unique shape of your tire. This design supports the tire in order to maintain its’ shape. Also, TireCradles insulate tires from temperature variances. Our product is not curved, it conforms to the unique shape of your tire. Because TireCradles are not curved, they are VERY easy to park on and use.


How do I know if my TireCradles are the right size for my tires?

TireCradles are sold in one size only. If your tire is not larger than 15 inches, (355mm) then the TireCradles are guaranteed to work and the lifetime warranty applies.


Will the TireCradles move as I park on them?

TireCradles are texturized at the bottom to prevent slipping. They are designed as small ramps for maximum function and ease of use. They are not curved. Simply drive your vehicle up the small ramped surface onto the TireCradles and they will continue to adhere to most garage floors.


Why Aren't Many Dealerships or Tire Distributors Selling TireCradles?

TireCradles prevent Flat spots, thereby increasing the life of your tires. This cuts into tire sales. Tires wear out, TireCradles Do Not. For businesses who want to sell new tires, they will not be likely to suggest using TireCradles to preserve your current tires.


What is the cost of TireCradles?

TireCradles retail at $349 per set. Ohio customers will also have to pay state sales tax. The Polymers used are expensive but we do our best to keep the cost as low as we can. Consider the cost of replacing two or even four tires vs. the cost of one set of TireCradles. TireCradles will save you money in the long term.


Can I get a discount for ordering multiple sets?

We do provide discounts for multiple set orders. The price depends on the quantity ordered. Also, we offer a discount for Active Military and Veterans. Please contact us at 866-740-0193 or by selecting contact us from the navigation link to the left for this information.


Why are TireCradles so expensive?

TireCradles are very expensive to manufacture. We import the unique polymer and then manufacture the TireCradles in the United States. We do this purposely to guarantee the highest level of quality control. We design our product to last and with a main focus on quality. TireCradles have a lifetime warranty. 


How can I order TireCradles?

You can use the order section of our website by clicking on the image below or selecting online store from the navigation link to the left. Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation that your order is placed and a second confirmation once the order has shipped. You may also call us at 1-866-740-0193 to place your order. TireCradles are also offered for sale on Amazon.com. 


Will TireCradles work to prevent tire flat spotting while my car is in long term storage?

Absolutely! TireCradles are designed to be used for long term storage or daily use. We had the TireCradles independently tested to simulate conditions of automobile storage for up to 2 years. Under such conditions, no flat spots developed. However, since the TireCradles are easy to use and there is no determination as to how long it takes for a flat spot to develop, we suggest that our customers park on then on a daily basis.


Why are TireCradles a better choice than your less expensive competitors?

TireCradles were the original, patented product on the market designed to prevent tire flat spotting. They are made with the highest quality materials and are incredibly easy to use. With TireCradles, you are paying for quality and effectiveness. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty. Many customers order our competitor’s product first to save money – only to come back to order TireCradles later. This is because they were disappointed with the effectiveness or the cheaper product. TireCradles are a good long term investment that will save you money in the future.