The Original

Tire Cradle developed a passion over 25 years ago to end flat spots and make storage and use easy. Whether parked during the week or long-term storage, we required of our development criteria they be the best performance and easiest solution. Through countless hours, tons of research, and laboratory testing; a new category of product was born.

Tire Cradles invented the original, and proven industry leader, parking solution to stop flat spots.


“One of the rarest production automobiles in the world now sits on TireCradles"


Brian Styles (The Styles Auto Collection/ Club 66 Muscle Car Museum)

“I can’t say enough good things about this product or company.  Through multiple transactions over the past two years, with TireCradle I have received nothing less than excellent service every time.  The TireCradle product is durable, great quality and in my opinion far superior to other competing products on the market.”

Adam Prociw

“ My '08 Porsche Cayman S and '09 BMW M3 are sitting on them for their long 4.5 month winter nap. In fact, I use them year round as they are so easy to roll up onto and keep the tires off the concrete floor. “

Skip Wareham

“ Keeping the tires on all my toys fresh for years."

Elvis Valla

“I've been using Tire Cradles since 2008 on my 2003 M5 Dinan S1 which I store for up to 6 months a year. My tires are 285/30-19 and 255/35-19 on custom Forgeline wheels and I've never seen a flat spot. My second set was used on my 99 M3 that was also stored for up the 6 months a year. Great product.”

Richard Hayes

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