Will My TireCradles Slip During Parking?

Posted by Laura Brown on 6/10/2019 to News
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is,  "Will the TireCradles slip while I park on them?".  Many times, people will buy our competitor's products to initially save money.  However, as customers try to actually park on these products, the ramps slip and it takes several attempts to drive on them so that their tires are properly lined up on these ramps.  It is VERY frustrating for customers.

TireCradles are designed for ease of use, product effectiveness, and long term quality.
So, when customers ask us this question, our answer is,  "For the majority of garage floors the TireCradles do not slip during use".   
This is due to 2 reasons:
1.  TireCradles are not curved, they have memory cells which conform to the shape of your tire.  Because of this design, it is very easy to park on each cradle.
2. TireCradles are texturized at the bottom.  This helps our product adhere to the garage floor during parking.
  (close up photo of a TireCradle bottom)

Now, there are some cases where a TireCradle will slip as our customer is parking on them.  This issue will sometimes occur when a customer has a tile garage floor or a high gloss garage floor.  If this issue should arise, the we suggest several remedies:  professional strength velcro, thin carpet pads placed under each TireCradle, or plywood placed underneath each TireCradle.  All of these options are effective at addressing the slipping issue.  
Finally, please remember that with the majority of garage floors, TireCradles do NOT slip during use.

We don't aim to create a cheap product.  Our mission is to offer the highest quality product that is easy to use while offering the best customer service.  This is how we try to address every issue in our product design.  TireCradles are easy to use!!

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