Using TireCradles vs. Storing Your Car on Jack Stands

Posted by Laura Brown on 10/8/2018 to News
  Many auto enthusiasts will opt to store their collector car on car jack stands for Winter storage.  They use this as an option to protect their cars tires from flat spotting or vulcanizing while in storage.  Tire flat spotting and vulcanizing occurs frequently when low profile, high performance tires will sit on a hard surface for long periods of time.  Many times, this tire damage is not realized until a car is taken out of storage and driven.
    However, there are some issues with using jack stands or car lifts for Winter storage:
          1.  It is difficult and time consuming to get your automobile set on the jack stands.
          2.  Having your car sit on jack stands for long periods of time can cause issues with your car's suspension and under carriage.
          3.  If you do have a couple of nice, clear Winter days and would like to take your car for a drive, it can be tedious to take your car off of 
               the jack stands and restore your car again on this equipment.

    Compared to car jack stands or auto lifts, TireCradles are a more simple and effective auto storage option:
          1.  TireCradles are very easy to use- you simply park on them.  No other storage prep is required.
          2.  TireCradles will cause no damage to your tires (they protect your tires), your car's suspension or under carriage.
          3.  TireCradles are less expensive than auto lifts.
          4.  TireCradles are NOT curved.  They are incredibly easy to drive on and off.  If you have a nice, clear Winter day- simply drive off of
               the TireCradles, take your car for a drive, and again park on the TireCradles.

TireCradles are very effective, made of the best quality materials, very easy to use, AND have a lifetime warranty.  So, our question to you is this:  why would anyone ever go through the hassle of storing their collector car on jack stands or car lifts?  Just use our TireCradles and have total peace of mind that your tires will be in excellent shape for Springtime driving.

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