TireCradles vs. The Competition- Why Pay More?

Posted by Laura Brown on 11/15/2018 to News
We get it.  TireCradles are NOT cheap.  Not only that, but our competitors are significantly less expensive.  So, why the heck would anyone want to spend more money on purpose?!  The answer is simple:  you get what you pay for.

TireCradles are made in the USA with only the BEST materials.  Our product has a lifetime warranty- so if they did not work, we would be out of business.  Would you believe that we are still using the original set of TireCradles that came off the production line over 20 years ago?  Would you believe that this original set has been used with 5 different cars?  Did you know that in 2017, we experienced ONE PRODUCT RETURN?  TireCradles are built to last.

TireCradles are the original product design used to prevent low profile tires from flat spotting during long term storage (or daily use).  All of our competition came on the market after TireCradles.  However, they could not copy our highly effective design due to our product patent.  TireCradles are insulated with memory cells that conform to the unique shape of your tire.  The front TireCradles has a stopper on one end, is flat on the top, and is ramped on the other end.  The back TireCradles are flat on the top and ramped on both ends.  The bottom of the TireCradles have texture in order to prevent the product from slipping when you park your car.  In order to create such a product that can be parked on/driven over for several thousand times and for indefinite periods of time, it is very expensive for us to manufacture TireCradles.  
You know what?   The best thing about our product design is not just the effectiveness in protecting your tires- it is also the fact that TireCradles are SO EASY to use.  TireCradles are not curved.  They are not high ramps.  They are only about 1.5 inches thick.  Because of this, they are incredibly easy to drive and use for parking your car.  Have you ever tried parking on a curved product?  Let me tell you this:  it is a royal pain. It is not easy and the diameter of your tire must exactly fit in the curvature to have ultimate effectiveness in tire protection.  Parking on higher, narrow ramps is not ball park either.  Compared to these options, the usage of TireCradles is a breeze.

So, when thinking about our competition remember this information about TireCradles that "sets us apart" from our competitors:
.Made in USA
.Lifetime Warranty
.Easy to Use
.Great for Long Term Storage or Daily Use
.Patented, Independently Tested Product Design

Your car is an investment.  The high performance tires are an investment for the performance of your car.  TireCradles are an investment that will help you save money in the long term.  This is because you won't be replacing those expensive tires.

Isn't your car worth it?

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