One Set of Four TireCradles

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  • - Protects against temperature variants
  • - Proven by Independent testing to prevent tire flat spots
  • - Not Pre-Formed or Curved; TireCradles conform to the unique shape of your tire
  • - Patented
  • - Lifetime Guarantee
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Protect your investment and save money from costly tire replacements due to flat spots. For over 15 years, TireCradles patented design has saved countless people hundreds to thousands of dollars each year by preventing tire flat spots and extending the life of your tires.

TireCradles are made of a dense, polyurethane polymer and are insulated with air cells. The engineering of blown polymer and air cells creates a product that gives and perfectly conforms to the unique shape of your tires, stopping flat spots before they form. As the name implies, TireCradles, "Cradle" your tires in very much the same way an expensive mattress will cradle and contour to your body at rest. TireCradles give so your tires won't. 

After a fun day at the track or cruising down the road, your tires will heat up. Parking your car's hot tires on a cold garage floor will accelerate tire flat spotting. In addition to "Cradling" your tires, TireCradles also insulate your tires from these temperature variances.

TireCradles are an excellent long term investment to protect your tires and prevent costly tire replacements before the tire is worn out.