Why You Still Need to Protect Your Tires from Flat Spots in the Summer

Posted by Laura Brown on 6/26/2018
Why do I need to protect my tires from flat spotting during the Summer Months?

High performance, low profile tires are fabulous for your sports cars' overall performance.  The soft rubber of theses types of tires adheres to road-  gripping to the asphalt while your automobile corners, turns, and drives through curves.  It is a speedster's dream.

During the warm months of the year and in the hotter regions of our world, these high performance tires will quickly warm up during driving time. This warmth lends to a quick softening of the tires which will lead to an even better driving experience with your sports car.

However, there is one issue with high performance, low profile tires during times of warm weather: an acceleration of tire flat spotting.   You take your car for a nice drive.  The tires become hot and soft.  After you have driven for awhile,  your return your car to the garage.  Your hot tires are then parked on a cooler garage floor.  Well, right here is the issue.  This temperature variance of a hot, low profile tire making contact and being stored on a cooler garage floor great accelerates tire flat spotting.  Tire flat spots can occur within a few hours.  Your car does not need to be in storage for days or weeks to develop tire flat spots.

In the Winter months, many sports cars and collector cars develop tire flat spots simply due to being stored for long periods of time.  Because of this, many automobile enthusiasts focus on protecting their collector cars' tires during Winter storage.  However, because of temperature variation leading to the acceleration of tire flat spots in hot weather- it is just as important if not more important to protect your car's tires in the Summer.  Even if your sports car is driven daily, your tires should still be protected.

TireCradles are the perfect and easy solution to protect your tires from flat spotting during the Summer months.  TireCradles are constructed with memory cells.  These memory cells are made up of a highly, durable polymer.  This product design lends to the effective absorption of this tire/garage floor temperature variation.  TireCradles are NOT curved.  Because of this, they are very easy for parking and storing your car.    Drive into the garage.  Park on TireCradles. Never worry about tire flat spotting- no matter if it is for Winter or Summer storage.

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