How to Interpret Tire Size

Posted by Laura Brown on 3/5/2019 to News
Many times, customers contact us and ask us if TireCradles will work with the size of their tires.  Then after "some digging", we find out that our customers do not know how to read their car's tire size.

TireCradles work with any tire where the tread width is 15 inches are smaller.  However, a response from many customers is- "Well I have 19 inch tires so TireCradles will not work for my car."  However, that is not the case.  TireCradles work for about 98% of low profile, high performances that are on the market. The 19 inches being described is the wheel size and not the tire tread width.

Customers will also tell us the make, year, and model of their car and want to know if TireCradles will fit.  The majority of the time, TireCradles will work with the tires of most sports cars.  However, you always get the random customer who decided to put super wide wheels on the car.  In those  rare situations, the TireCradles may be too small and not work.

What if you want to "shop around" for the best pricing on tires? These are just a few reasons why it is important to know how to read your tire's size.

So, let's say your tire's side wall says" P245/45/16Z" .  Here is how you interpret those numbers:
1. The  P 245 is the tread width of your tire in Millimeters.  The letter "P" means passenger side tire.
2.  The number 45 is the aspect ratio of your tire and the height of your tire's sidewall.  This means that your tire's sidewall is 45% of your tire's diameter.
3.  The number 16 is the rim size of your tire (wheel size).  The letter Z is the speed rating of your tire.  By the way, the closer to the end of the alphabet that this letter is, the higher the speed rating. Obviously, Z is for cars that are driving very fast.

TireCradles are mainly used for low profile tires.  Low profile tires are the tires that flat spot easily in storage.  TireCradles are necessary for any tire that has an aspect ratio of 50 or less (that middle number) and where that car is not being driven on a daily basis.  Also, the more high performance the tire, the softer the tire's rubber for road adhesion, and the more likely that tire will flat spot.

If you have a classic car where the tire's aspect ratio is above 50, then TireCradles are work well at helping to prevent tire vulcanizing while this car is being stored long term.

However, if your car's tire has an aspect ratio greater than 50 and is driven on a daily basis, then you do NOT need TireCradles.  We are not going to sell you a product that you don't need.  Providing the best service to our customers is our top priority.

For more detailed information on your tires, check out our "Tire Facts" page:



Bruce Ritter
Date: 4/22/2021
Is there any way to stop my tire cradles from sliding. They are on my lift and when parking the front ones slide with brake application. I back on the lift with no problem with rear pads. thank you Bruce Hi Bruce- This is hard to answer as I would have to see the lift. My advice would be to purchase some industrial strength velcro at a hardware store and use on the lift/ TireCradle. The other option might be to place thin carpet squares underneath the TireCradles. Thank you for your business and let us know if you have any other questions. LDB Auto Performance Inc. 1-866-740-0193

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