How It All Began

Posted by Laura Brown on 1/20/2019 to News
  John Potocki was a man who LOVED cars.  In fact, he loves ALL KINDS of fast cars.  Muscle Cars, European sports cars,  classic cars, Corvettes,  Ford GTs-  if it was fast, then he was very interested. John grew up drag racing on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.  As he grew older and became successful in his career, John started collecting different cars- a Porsche 911 Carrera, a Shelby GT 350, a Turbo Saab, etc.  He had so many different types of fast cars that the family could not keep track.  
   About 22 years ago, John's latest car love was a 1992 Lingenfelter modified Corvette.  During this time, John needed to get surgery that would fuse 5 levels of his neck.  The recovery was quite rigorous and would require many months where John could not drive his Corvette.  As he was healing,  John was worried about the state of his low profile, high performance tires as the Corvette sit in the garage.  In the past he had tried using layers of carpet pads - which ultimately did not work and his tires had developed many flat spots.  John was hesitant to "jack up" his car as it is not the best scenario for a car's suspension.  As John was missing driving his Corvette and as he had to buy new tires when he was able to drive it once again, he also came up with the idea and product design for TireCradles.
  After consulting with a reputable manufacturer in Virginia,  the product design was complete, the TireCradles were independently tested with amazing results, and a patent was granted.  TireCradles became our family business.  John was able to take his love for cars, come up with a remarkable product, and help many other car owners preserve their tires.
   Three years ago, John Potocki died after a long struggle with cancer.  He was drag racing right up until 3 months before his death.  For the past 13 years, John's Daughter and Son in Law have been successfully running the TireCradle business.  John's passion for cars and the car community has grown into a family legacy.  This is a legacy where we focus on the best products and the best customer service.
    Many years later and TireCradles are still the BEST product on the market that prevents tires from flat spotting.  Many other cheaper, "knock off" products have since been released,  but TireCradles are still the most effective and the highest quality.  So, why not buy "the orginal" TireCradles, and support a family owned, small business?  We are ever so grateful to our customers.  

R.I.P. Old Dog   October 13, 1945- August 21, 2015

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