Bentley Motor Company and the Bentley TireCradles

Posted by Laura Brown on 4/25/2019 to News
About 12 years ago,  a wonderful thing happened for our company.  The Bentley Motor Company reached out to us and expressed interest in TireCradles.  Bentley had asked some of their personnel to discreetly purchase our TireCradles.  The sole purpose of each purchase was that Bentley would test our TireCradles against all available competitors for effectiveness in preventing tire flat spotting.  After 2 years of testing TireCradles with different Bentley models in various storage conditions,  Bentley Motors was thoroughly impressed with our product and made the choice to carry TireCradles as part of their accessory line in Bentley dealerships and service centers.  This whole process was what enabled Bentley to contact our company.

Why did Bentley want to offer such a product rather than just selling their customers new tires?  The reason is simple- Bentley is a customer service based company.  They constantly strive to offer the best cars, the best accessories, and the best service so that they develop a long term relationship with their customers.   Such a relationship based focus keeps customers returning and keeps the referrals coming.  This is how Bentley Motors has managed to stay in business for 100 years.

In their customer service focus and research, the Bentley Motor Company found that while their customers were more than happy with their Bentley model cars, they were frustrated with having to replace tires due to tire flat spotting.  Bentley models tend to be heavier cars.  At the same time, Bentley ensures that each car is equipped with high performance tires. Once you have the conditions of a heavier car with low profile, high performance tires- then tire flat spotting is greatly accelerated in storage conditions.  Once getting this customer feedback,  Bentley researched a high quality, effective solution for their customers that would solve this tire flat spotting issue.  Bentley then arrived at their solution: TireCradles.

Fast forward more than 12 years and you will find that our business relationship with Bentley is still going strong.  Bentley offers our TireCradles with the Bentley branding on them.  They are known as Bentley "Tyrecradles".   To view the Bentley Tyrecradles,  check this out:

As a small family owned business, we are very proud to be part of the Bentley Motor Company accessory product line.  We are very appreciative of their support.  It just goes to show that when you strive to offer a quality product while providing the best customer service possible, great things can happen!

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