TireCradles - The Solution for Preventing Tire Flat Spots
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TireCradles are made of a patented polymer and are insulated with air cells. The engineering of blown polymer and air cells creates a product that perfectly conforms to the shape of your tire and supports the tire. TireCradles also insulate tires from temperature variances.

Cars Needing TireCradles

Cars with low profile tires will flat spot. Typically cars with tires that have an aspect ratio of 50 or less will flat spot. Occasionally, cars with tires that have an aspect ratio of 60 will also flat spots however, these cars are usually in excess of 3800 pounds. 

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TireCradles were tested by STL and are proven to prevent tire flat spots. Click Test Results to view the results.


TireCradles are a patented product. Any imitations do not adhere to the standards used in the construction of TireCradles. 

Our Mission

To provide the automotive enthusiast the only product that prevents either temporary or permanent flatspots while providing the best customer service possible for our clients.