TireCradles - The Solution for Preventing Tire Flat Spots
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Test Results From Standards Testing Labs

St. Barsabas is the original manufacturer of TireCradles. In 1999, St. Barsabas funded an independent study to determine the effectiveness of TireCradles. St. Barsabas chose Standards Testing Labs (STL) to perform the test. The positive results of this test will give our customers a sense of security about his or her purchase.

Standards Testing Labs in Massillon, Ohio Tested TireCradles.
Here are their "credentials."

STL is the world’s largest, independent, dynamic testing facility for tires, wheels and related components. The methods they use are those specified by ASTM, DOT, SAE, ECE, and SEMA. STL’s facilities have the approval of the U.S Department of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Administration for the testing of tires, wheels and related components.

Finally, STL has performed testing for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and every major tire manufacturer. Considering their history STL’ s credentials leave little room for controversy and give potential customers a sense of product performance.

The tires selected for the test were Pirelli P Zero Asimetricos. The Pirelli tires were selected for one reason; they are the OEM tires on more performance cars than any other manufacturer. The Asimetrico is OEM for most models of the following manufacturers: Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche fine company indeed! This is a splendid recommendation as to the quality of their tires.

One final point about tires in general. All low profile, performance tires flat spot (cold set) regardless of the manufacturer. None are immune to this phenomenon. As such, again, the selection of Pirelli should be viewed as an acknowledgment of their quality and not a negative.

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